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Herbal Medicine in Solana Beach, CA: We all know that Chinese has done a good job in battling and containing the Coronavirus and had a remarkably well controlled death rate, especially given that they were the FIRST to encounter and to come up with treatment strategies against this new virus, when very little was known at the time, while facing a flood of newly diagnosed patients with rapidly deteriorating conditions.

Do you know what SECRET WEAPON they have used and developed during the virus outbreak that made a HUGE difference in controlling death rate and promoting great RECOVERY?

This secret weapon has not got a lot of media attention in the world outside China, but it has been well exposed in almost all Chinese media (social media included)!

You have guessed it right! It is ACUPUNCTURE and Traditional Chinese HERBAL MEDICINE.

The Scale of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

The SCALE of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine INVOLVED in this viral outbreak is HISTORICAL in MODERN China! As an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist, Dr. Dawn Liu has been diligently following up on any reported and publicized information in Chinese media on how Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine have been used on public prevention, timely control of progression (upon initial diagnosis), and for use in ICUs to help with respiratory distress and stubborn fever, which are characteristics of advanced stages of the disease.

During the process, our Solana Beach chiropractor and acupuncturist has collected, reviewed and researched any published treatment methods, herbal formula, and acupuncture prescriptions. Dr. Liu has also been communicating with colleagues and mentors in China who are not at the forefront of the “war zone”, but nevertheless have been treating mild to moderate cases in hospitals and clinics.

Herbal Medicine in Action Performance Care

Based on Dr. Liu’s experience and the massive research on this disease, she has compiled a group of Acupuncture points self-stimulation, which have been shown to effectively prevent and control initial symptoms of the disease. Dr. Liu would love to share all of her information with you, and is in the process of compiling the Acupuncture points for you in a way that is easy for you to follow. But the Action Performance Care team also has something a little more URGENT to inform you about.

In the United States, there is not a massive supply of Chinese herbal medicines to cover the public in a scale comparable to that in China. However, based on the intensive research done, along with Chinese herbal medicine extracts AVAILABLE in the US, Dr. Liu has established 2 customized formulas to help with


The formulas are based on the currently known MOST EFFECTIVE herbal formulas that have been used and are still in use in China at this war against Coronavirus. Each formula is constituted of 8-20 DIFFERENT HERBS.

The bad news is – our lovely Herbal Pharmacies in Orange and Los Angeles Counties are facing a big expected SHORTAGE of many of the KEY herbs NECESSARY for the formulas. These herbs are in high demand because of their known effectiveness for respiratory diseases.  More and more US acupuncturists are trying to acquire these herbs to help with their patients in this pandemic, which is great.

Herbal Medicine Availability in Solana Beach, CA

Action Performance Care already has many patients who have expressed interests in getting the herbal medicine for prevention and initial symptom control. Dr. Liu is providing this information to inform you that there is a VERY LIMITED supply of the herbal formulas that the practice orders. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in the two formulas, and which one you are interested in, so we can get the orders in before supplies for the key ingredients run out.

The remarkable performance of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines in this epidemic is very likely to shape new legislation in China to further expand their use in all areas of public health and disease management, INFECTIOUS diseases included! These anticipated changes will have a profound effect for Acupuncturists worldwide!  Action Performance Care would love to share these valuable tools to help you fight this war in a way as healthy, natural and effective as possible.

Please call us at 858-481-1438 and let us know which formula(s) you are interested in. Hurry! We will have to place the orders ASAP before the supplies run out!

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