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Workers' Comp in Solana Beach, CA

Workers’ Comp in Solana Beach, CA: The medical professionals at Action Performance Care are experts in the treatment, documentation and substantiation of traumatic injuries. We have testified as an expert witness on behalf of patients to help successfully resolve these cases. Dr. Liu has worked with and is highly regarded by many of Southern California’s leading personal injury attorneys. Personal injury law protocols and requirements have changed substantially over the last five years.

Dr. Liu’s staff are experts in dealing with these changes in an effort to afford you, the patient and the victim, every opportunity to receive proper care and get well. Dr. Liu’s staff will file all the necessary forms and perform all the paperwork to make sure that your insurance company covers the cost of your treatment.

Workers’ Comp Chiropractic Care in Solana Beach and Surrounding Areas

Dr. Dawn Liu offers comprehensive service for diagnosing and treating your personal injuries. Our chiropractic and rehabilitation facility specializes in individualized treatment and recovery plans for patients to quickly recover and return to regular everyday activities.

Here are Some of the Modalities Used at Our Clinic for Treating Workers’ Comp Injuries

Working with Insurance

Action Performance Care works with many types of insurance. Our office can counsel you on how to file a personal injury claim.

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is mandatory for nearly all auto insurance policies. With PIP coverage in place, you and all the passengers in the car are insured regardless of whose is at fault for an accident (typically up to $15,000). It also covers you if you are a pedestrian or a cyclist. PIP insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages and will pay for your care of  injuries, including costs and co-pays for chiropractic care, out-of-pocket prescription costs, or other similar costs.

Patients Love What We Do!
I live a very active lifestyle, and practice a lot of self-care to prevent injuries (foam rolling/stretching). I was extremely surprised and perplexed to find myself having acute back pain, which I thought was a dislocated rib. I had very limited range of motion in my torso, and I was walking around like a robot.

I was in mercy to my pain, and I made a same day appointment with Dr. Liu and told her about my symptoms. After a very thorough assessment, she was quickly able to pin point what was going on. My rib was completely in tact, but my psoas muscle was completely inflamed. She did some body work on my abdominal muscles (A.R.T.), and I immediately felt 40-50% less pain. I made an appointment 2 days later, and by that time my pain decreased to 70%. After my 2nd appointment of A.R.T. with Dr. Liu, my pain was down to 90%! She is so beyond educated and experienced, I was very impressed. I will see her for a few more appointments, then add in her recommendations to my self-care routine.

My insurance doesn’t cover treatments out of my network, so I paid out of pocket. It can get expensive that way, but I really feel like what you get from every visit is beyond worth the out of pocket cost. If you have ANY pain, make an appointment with Dr. Liu, I had amazing results with her, and I’m sure you will also.

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