Jim Chialtas, L.Ac., DACM

Jim ChialtasJim Chialtas is a San Diego native, graduating from Serra High School in 1993. He went on to attend the University of California at Santa Cruz to achieve his Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology in 1997. After a short time away from school Jim went on to attend Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and in 2002 he received his Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTCM) and became a Licensed Acupuncturist. This is when his training in Functional Medicine began.

As an acupuncturist and herbalist, Jim’s growing interest and intensive training in Functional Medicine blossomed quickly and over the years he became an expert on co-managing complex medical conditions such as autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, blood glucose management, cholesterol control, hormone disorders, anemia, irritable bowel and other digestive diseases, liver and gall bladder function/ detoxification and many more.

His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience quickly drew attention in the field of functional medicine, and he successfully taught and mentored many other practitioners in Southern California using natural means to facilitate effective recovery from complicated conditions.

Utilizing tools such as Functional Blood Chemistry, saliva testing, stool testing and other modalities Jim has shown great success in helping people overcome or manage their often debilitating chronic medical conditions.  Managing Autoimmune diseases through natural means is a primary specialty of Jim’s, but he enjoys using the platform of Functional Medicine for any wellness based goals his patients present, and he has had great success with it.

Evidence based practice is essential for Jim’s practice and he has stayed in the forefront of the field though constant learning, practicing and taking the most up-to-date training.  Jim also has very high standards for the Nutritional Supplements he chose.  Quality is a must and he chooses to work only with nutraceutical and herbal medicine companies who can demonstrate that their products are not only well researched but of high purity and efficacy.

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