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Hip, Buttocks & Groin Pain Treatment

Hip, Buttocks & Groin Pain Treatment in Solana Beach, CA: Buttock, hip and groin pain is often connected or may possibly be pain that is radiating from another area such as the lower back. The groin and hip areas are some of the most difficult areas of the body to treat by pain management specialists. The reason for the difficulty is that there are a large number of possible structures in this area that can be injured and cause pain. Additionally, most of the structures are very deep within the groin area (including the hip joint).

Buttock Pain

Pain in the buttocks is often a gradual onset and can include piriformis syndrome, myofascial pain or pain referred from the lower back or sacroiliac joint. Direct impact can cause a contusion or bruising.

Hip Pain

Hip pain or hip joint pain typically develops gradually and can be from a number of causes. Labral tears and Osteoarthritis are more common, especially in older athletes who have been highly active in their 20s and 30s. Hip pain in children is often diagnosed as Perthe’s disease.

Groin Pain

The most common cause of pain in the groin is an acute groin strain. This is frequently seen in twisting and turning sports such as American football, rugby and soccer. Whereas acute groin strains can take 2 to 3 weeks to recover, chronic groin injuries can take months if not years to clear up. This is the case because there are often several possible causes.

Treating Hip, Groin and Buttock Pain with Active Release Techniques at Action Performance Care

Conventional soft tissue work including myofasical release and massage can help relieve these problems. However, there is lack of highly specific targeting of the most important and relevant muscle areas concerning your problems. The result is less effective healing that is more likely to take longer for full recovery.

On the contrary, Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) is the most specific, targeted and effective soft tissue technique to deal with these types of problems as every single muscle has a different protocol and is taken care of individually for each patient’s specific needs. When combined with precise bio-mechanical diagnosis for the root cause of the symptoms, A.R.T. can provide you the fast and highly effective recovery that our patients enjoy everyday at Action Performance Care.

Additional Treatments of Hip, Buttock and Groin Pain at Our Multi-Disciplinary Clinic in Solana Beach

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Last year I was in so much pain it was maddening. I could go to work and get through my day but all I wanted to do was get home and lie down.

I injured myself at the gym, I literally contemplated getting a steroid injection to give me relief. My husband had gone to Dr. Anna earlier in the year and swore by her. I put off going to her for a month. Finally, I had a really bad weekend with the back pain and I finally called and made an appointment.

First off, she gave me immediate relief that would last an hour or two and it just came right back. I committed to going at least twice a week. Slowly, within three months, the pain completely resolved.

I was afraid I was going to need surgery but she helped me immensely.

She fixed me!

It’s a different type of therapy, active release therapy. It worked for me
If you are reading this, I know how you feel. Just make the call, you will not believe how much relief you will get here.
I was in mercy to my pain, and I made a same day appointment with Dr. Liu and told her about my symptoms. After a very thorough assessment, she was quickly able to pin point what was going on. My rib was completely in tact, but my psoas muscle was completely inflamed. She did some body work on my abdominal muscles (A.R.T.), and I immediately felt 40-50% less pain. I made an appointment 2 days later, and by that time my pain decreased to 70%. After my 2nd appointment of A.R.T. with Dr. Liu, my pain was down to 90%! She is so beyond educated and experienced, I was very impressed. I will see her for a few more appointments, then add in her recommendations to my self-care routine.

My insurance doesn’t cover treatments out of my network, so I paid out of pocket. It can get expensive that way, but I really feel like what you get from every visit is beyond worth the out of pocket cost. If you have ANY pain, make an appointment with Dr. Liu, I had amazing results with her, and I’m sure you will also.

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