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Guided PEMF in Solana Beach, CAGuided PEMF in Solana Beach, CA:  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (or PEMF) utilizes electromagnetic currents to regenerate cells. The cells in our body degenerate over time due to trauma, illness and aging. Trauma can be physical (acute injury or repetitive motion), mental (stress), or nutritional (poor diet, drugs, pollution). PEMF repairs these cells to allow them to function at an optimal level.

PEMF therapy has been utilized for decades with over 2000 medical studies proving its effectiveness and safety.

The FDA approved PEMF for the following:

  • 1979: healing of non union bone fractures
  • 1998: urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation
  • 2004: healing for cervical spine fusion patients
  • 2006: depression and anxiety

While the FDA has limited approvals, PEMF has shown to be successful in the treatment of many disorders not listed in their approvals.

Common Benefits of PEMF:

  • Cell regeneration
  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Improved circulation via vasodilatation
  • Accelerates post surgical healing and pain
  • Relief of chronic and acute pain
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved nerve function with neuropathy reducing symptoms

Our Specialized Guided PEMF Machine Combined with ART® Therapy Provides for Maximum Results

Now these are the benefits of PEMF when used alone. Normal PEMF machines provide good effect as a passive modality. You sit there with the coils around the area of your body that needs treatment. The type of treatment enhances the body’s self-repair mechanism but does not provide any super-precise targeted treatment.

Now imagine when you combine ART and PEMF – you got it, two powerhouses working in sync. The results are raved about by our patients! The PEMF machine we use brings a major revolution to the field of PEMF function – it is the ONLY PEMF machine that is guided by the doctor or practitioner, using their hands and fingers on specific areas of the body to enhance the effect beyond the normal PEMF means.

Dr. Dawn Liu has been successfully combining PEMF and ART treatment for further enhanced results with faster recovery and much less soreness from the treatment itself. This has been particularly helpful for problems with neck, low back, shoulder, knee and feet!

Dr. Dawn is truly exceptional! Her wide range of knowledge and excellent clinical care have made a dramatic difference in my recovery from several injuries. I was not seeing results with traditional modalities and honestly don’t know what would have happened if not for her amazing care and ART skill. She has made a significant impact and improvement in my life!
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