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I live a very active lifestyle, and practice a lot of self-care to prevent injuries (foam rolling/stretching). I was extremely surprised and perplexed to find myself having acute back pain, which I thought was a dislocated rib. I had very limited range of motion in my torso, and I was walking around like a robot.

I was in mercy to my pain, and I made a same day appointment with Dr. Liu and told her about my symptoms. After a very thorough assessment, she was quickly able to pin point what was going on. My rib was completely in tact, but my psoas muscle was completely inflamed. She did some body work on my abdominal muscles (A.R.T.), and I immediately felt 40-50% less pain. I made an appointment 2 days later, and by that time my pain decreased to 70%. After my 2nd appointment of A.R.T. with Dr. Liu, my pain was down to 90%! She is so beyond educated and experienced, I was very impressed. I will see her for a few more appointments, then add in her recommendations to my self-care routine.

My insurance doesn’t cover treatments out of my network, so I paid out of pocket. It can get expensive that way, but I really feel like what you get from every visit is beyond worth the out of pocket cost. If you have ANY pain, make an appointment with Dr. Liu, I had amazing results with her, and I’m sure you will also.


Steven B.

Yelp Review

I developed sciatica during my training program for the Boston Marathon 2016.  Two-months out from the race, I quit training and took a 4 week break.  Dr. Dawn Liu was recommended by a few of the runners in my running circle. I called Action Performance immediately.  Dr. Dawn spent nearly an hour on my first visit.  I was sweaty!   Bending, stretching, squatting, and even running.

She broke down my issues.  It wasn’t just sciatica.  I was dealing with hip issues, tight hamstrings, weak glutes, and my form was suffering.  The sciatic pain was the last straw.  I was devastated with the set-back.  She started treatment (ART) immediately and had me stretching and working on my core at home.   Two weeks later I was back to running short distances.  I wasn’t completely healed but I was able to run with much less discomfort.  The ART was targeting the deep tissue that had been stressed for so long and impossible to reach with simple stretching and foam rolling

One month later, I raced my best half marathon by more than 2 minutes.  And one month after that, I toed the line at Boston!  I raced my strongest full marathon even with terrible weather conditions.  Most importantly, I was pain free.

I have to thank Dr. Dawn for all that she did to me physically and mentally.  She knows what she’s doing!  She treats the problem and she corrects the cause as well.  She gave me the confidence I needed to get myself back to running and to trust in the treatment.


Debra R.

Yelp Review

Dr. Liu is smart with great skills and knowledge. She is more than a Chiropractor.  In 2007, I went to see Dr. Liu after a minor rear ended car accident. I actually didn’t feel anything but since insurance will pay it, I told my self why not see her since her office was just 5 minutes away from my apartment.  Dr. Liu ordered X-RAY then reviewed the X-RAY films. She was able to tell that I’m a long time laptop user and and told me to get a monitor and correct my siting position. Her practice is great too. I feel much better after only two sections.  After I moved Dallas, I can’t find a comparable chiropractor in Dallas.


Yuanming Z.

Yelp Review

I am a physician and was having trouble solving my own movement problems through traditional allopathic channels.  This lead me to seek out several “alternative medicine” modalities in the hope that I would find an answer.  After trying several other types of care I came across ART and decided to try it.  I came to Dr. Dawn Liu initially because of the extensive training she has undergone specific to A.R.T.  Her knowledge, and enthusiasm as well as her technical excellence with soft tissue and joint manipulation set her apart as an outstanding healthcare provider.  What I was not expecting, but now value immensely, is her dogmatic instruction on retraining pathological movement patterns to help prevent recurrence of the problems she is treating.  Not only do I come to see Dr. Liu whenever I need soft tissue manipulation but also refer my patients to her with complete confidence.  Her care has allowed me to improve my functionality immensely in the gym, on the bike, in the water both surfing and swimming as well as chasing my young boys all over the planet.  This lady is the best at what she does.  She can cure what many others just temporize.


John S.

Yelp Review

Dr Liu is brilliant on every level and I highly recommend any of her services! I’m a HUGE believer in Active Release Technique. It saved my feet many years ago from plantar fasciitias. I was excited to learn Dr Liu teaches ART, so I booked an appt for my shoulder pain and she blew my mind with her knowledge. She took lots of time with me and was very thorough and sweet. I’m going to her weekly now and will refer her to everyone!!


Kathleen K.

Yelp Review

I’ve been in treatment for frozen shoulder with Dr. Dawn for 3 weeks and am feeling so much better, I just have to Yelp about it.

I started having pain in my left upper arm in July 2010 and thought it was from working out, so I took a break to heal up.  The pain got worse despite the rest and I went to my primary care doc, who diagnosed me with a shoulder impingement & said nothing could really be done about it except to take anti-imflammatories for the pain.  I tried massage, other chiropractors and physical therapy with my HMO, but was still in near constant pain and thinking that I would never get better.

I found Action Chiropractic after doing an Internet search for shoulder impingement treatment and made an appointment. The office staff was very pleasant to deal with and got me in quickly.  Dr. Dawn took an extensive history and studied the range of motion I had in my left arm from many different angles and positions. She diagnosed me with adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) and told me about A.R.T. (active release technique) therapy.  She was honest and said the treatment would be very painful, but that my range of motion would be restored and I would be pain free within about 10 sessions.

She was NOT kidding about the painful treatment!   At some points, it hurts so badly, I’m not sure if I can stand anymore.  She really knows what she’s doing though, and does all she can to make it easier and talk me through the pain.

I noticed a difference after the very first session, and now after 4 sessions, there has been a HUGE improvement in both my range of motion and pain level.  I am no longer in constant pain, and am able to exercise again and sleep through the night.  I don’t have total range of motion back yet, but I’m getting there quickly under Dr. Dawn’s care.

Give her a try if you’re having chronic pain and haven’t gotten any relief from other techniques.


Christine M.

Yelp Review

I injured my shoulder at the beginning of the year, and had an impingement in the upper part of my right arm.  I experienced pain with any pushing motion or lifting weight overhead.  Over the months that followed, I sought virtually every treatment under the sun in the hopes of avoiding surgery, including massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.  They all did nothing for me.

Six months and over a thousand dollars later, just when I thought I was going to need surgery, my friend referred me to Action Chiropractic.  After having sought so many other treatments, including with my regular chiropractor, I was quite skeptical.

After a few treatments of Active Release Therapy, Dr. Anna got my shoulder back to 100%.  Unfortunately, I got so excited, I resumed using my shoulder too quickly instead of taking it easy and allowing time to heal and re-injured it.  I had to go back for a couple more treatments, and am now back in Crossfit with no modifications.  I have complete use of my shoulder and experience zero pain with any pushing motions and lifting overhead.

I can’t recommend Dr. Anna Phillips enough and have since been recommending Action to everyone, especially those who have already sought treatment without results.  For anyone skeptical about the efficacy of Active Release Therapy based on the Wikipedia page, I would suggest also being skeptical about anything you read on Wikipedia.  Give A.R.T. a try and find out for yourself.


Anthony R.

Yelp Review

Sometimes you have to fall in order to learn how to get back up right ?!

Dr. Dawn sure knows how to work her magic !!! I’ve undergone ART (Active Release Technique) before, but from a different practitioner. I was already a believer of the practice since it worked for me in the past. ‘ART’ gave me hope and confidence to start running again.

My left knee has been bothering me ‘on and off’ for the last year and a half or so. With all the therapy work that I’ve gone through, I believe both ‘ART’ and biomechanical rehabilitation have helped the BEST.

I met Dr. Dawn through my running group. She offered a ‘free’ consultation and I was not pressured to sign-up with her before, during, or after. She left it all up to me to decide and commit on my own time and convenience. Since my only concern was the cost and my insurance can only cover so much, I had to seriously decide on which practitioner would be the best fit for me (both short and long term).

After my initial consultation, I must say my knee hasn’t felt this pain-free (knock on wood) in awhiiiiile ! Uphills/downhills used to be a problem, but lately it hasn’t been bothering me. Yay ! The uncomfortable sharp pain seemed to magically disappear.

How could that be after just one session ?

She worked on my leg muscles emphasizing on my hamstrings and areas of tightness. It sure was painful and at times I thought I’d end up with bruises from all the applied pressure. A few rotations here and there and she wanted to see me run before and after to feel the difference. She suggested a few tweaks in my form and landing as well. Wow ! What a difference ! Running felt almost effortless. That’s a PLUS, especially for long distance runners such as myself.

Dr. Dawn also has a SD Meetup group that consists of group runs and meetings regarding sports injury prevention and proper running techniques. Her practice is close to home and meetups are sometimes scheduled in and around my area as well.

Dr. Dawn really seems to care about her work and the well-being of her clients. She has educated me and continues to do so. I feel confident that her expertise and guidance will help me through a pain-free active lifestyle.

Dr. Dawn also specializes in chiropractic, acupuncture, and various sports injuries. Check her website and make an appointment. Highly recommend her !


Shane C.

Yelp Review

I developed a serious pain in my toe/foot over a few months and was in constant pain. I couldn’t apply pressure on my toe and walking on that foot became uncomfortable to the point of wincing. I went to my normal doctor to get a x-ray and have them check it out. The x-ray showed no damage to my foot despite the swelling and my described pain. They suggested it was possibly arthritis and something that I would just have to deal with and medicate the rest of my life. I’m 27.

I visited Action Chiropractic for a second opinion, and I’m glad I did. Working with Dr. Dawn, she was able to identify the causes of my pain and help me correct it. I had developed many bad walking habits which were causing the stress and pain in my toe/foot. During our sessions, Dr. Dawn helped by working on/massaging the affected muscles to reduce the pain significantly in the short term, and then provided me with step by step corrections to fix my bad walking habits for the long term.

Dr. Dawn helped turn my recent experience of constant pain back into my normal, pain free, life I had before.


Chris Y.

Yelp Review

Dr Dawn helped me with a serious IT Band issue which kept me from performing well at the Carlsbad Marathon in January. Yesterday I got a BQ at mountains to beach marathon. Still getting faster at 52. Pretty nice.

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