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Dr Dawn helped me with a serious IT Band issue which kept me from performing well at the Carlsbad Marathon in January. Yesterday I got a BQ at mountains to beach marathon. Still getting faster at 52. Pretty nice.

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Scott J.
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I developed a serious pain in my toe/foot over a few months and was in constant pain. I couldn’t apply pressure on my toe and walking on that foot became uncomfortable to the point of wincing. I went to my normal doctor to get a x-ray and have them check it out. The x-ray showed no damage to my foot despite the swelling and my described pain. They suggested it was possibly arthritis and something that I would just have to deal with and medicate the rest of my life. I’m 27.

I visited Action Chiropractic for a second opinion, and I’m glad I did. Working with Dr. Dawn, she was able to identify the causes of my pain and help me correct it. I had developed many bad walking habits which were causing the stress and pain in my toe/foot. During our sessions, Dr. Dawn helped by working on/massaging the affected muscles to reduce the pain significantly in the short term, and then provided me with step by step corrections to fix my bad walking habits for the long term.

Dr. Dawn helped turn my recent experience of constant pain back into my normal, pain free, life I had before.

Chris Y.
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Dr. Liu is smart with great skills and knowledge. She is more than a Chiropractor.  In 2007, I went to see Dr. Liu after a minor rear ended car accident. I actually didn’t feel anything but since insurance will pay it, I told my self why not see her since her office was just 5 minutes away from my apartment.  Dr. Liu ordered X-RAY then reviewed the X-RAY films. She was able to tell that I’m a long time laptop user and and told me to get a monitor and correct my siting position. Her practice is great too. I feel much better after only two sections.  After I moved Dallas, I can’t find a comparable chiropractor in Dallas.

Yuanming Z.
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Dr. Dawn is truly exceptional! Her wide range of knowledge and excellent clinical care have made a dramatic difference in my recovery from several injuries. I was not seeing results with traditional modalities and honestly don’t know what would have happened if not for her amazing care and ART skill. She has made a significant impact and improvement in my life!

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Dima G.
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I went to Dr Liu on recommendation from a friend.  I play tennis and was having hip pain. Dr Liu spend about 45 minutes with me on the first visit just doing a diagnostic of my entire body – balance, flexibility, she analyzed my walk, etc.

She treats the whole body and not just the isolated symptom that you go to her for.  She has taught me better posture, walking, standing, breathing, and eventually running. Best of all, I cut out sweets from my diet at the same time.  I have lost 13 pounds in 3 months.  Really not a major change in eating but in addition to Dr Lui’s work it all came together for a great result. Friends and family have noticed a big difference and it’s not just the weight loss.  I look and feel happier and I stand taller and stronger.

It can be painful, but don’t give up!  Do all of the “homework” she gives you (stretching exercises etc).  You will see results.  It works!

Karen D.
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I first saw Dr. Liu six years ago when I was suffering chronic migraines due to jaw tension caused
taking a water polo ball to the face at full speed. I was suffering from migraines or headaches multiple times a week and had tried basic chiro care to no avail. Doctors said my one solution would be jaw surgery, but I gave ART a try first. After my first session my migraines stopped. I went about 4 times when I was home for the holidays and I haven’t suffered headaches since — for SIX YEARS after having them almost every day. I have never seen such amazing lasting results from any kind of care.

Heads up though, it hurts. Like REALLY hurts. There were times it hurt so bad I was worried I would pee myself on the table. But the relief after was worth it every time. She may look tiny, but Dr. Liu is STRONG!

Fast forward six years and I have chronic shoulder issues from surfing. I was ready to go for an MRI but then remembered the magic of Dr. Lui. She has helped me immensely with my shoulder problems, as well as hip and calf pain. She is great at explaining your body to you and, most importantly, will teach you how to retrain your movements to properly use your muscles. If you have any problems, give her a try. Dr. Liu has kept me in the water when I thought I’d have to give up my favorite hobby and I will always be thankful for that!

Sonya M.
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I injured my shoulder at the beginning of the year, and had an impingement in the upper part of my right arm.  I experienced pain with any pushing motion or lifting weight overhead.  Over the months that followed, I sought virtually every treatment under the sun in the hopes of avoiding surgery, including massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.  They all did nothing for me.

Six months and over a thousand dollars later, just when I thought I was going to need surgery, my friend referred me to Action Chiropractic.  After having sought so many other treatments, including with my regular chiropractor, I was quite skeptical.

After a few treatments of Active Release Therapy, Dr. Anna got my shoulder back to 100%.  Unfortunately, I got so excited, I resumed using my shoulder too quickly instead of taking it easy and allowing time to heal and re-injured it.  I had to go back for a couple more treatments, and am now back in Crossfit with no modifications.  I have complete use of my shoulder and experience zero pain with any pushing motions and lifting overhead.

I can’t recommend Dr. Anna Phillips enough and have since been recommending Action to everyone, especially those who have already sought treatment without results.  For anyone skeptical about the efficacy of Active Release Therapy based on the Wikipedia page, I would suggest also being skeptical about anything you read on Wikipedia.  Give A.R.T. a try and find out for yourself.

Anthony R.
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If you have back pain, look no further

Last year I was in so much pain it was maddening. I could go to work and get through my day but all I wanted to do was get home and lie down.

I injured myself at the gym, I literally contemplated getting a steroid injection to give me relief. My husband had gone to Dr. Anna earlier in the year and swore by her. I put off going to her for a month. Finally, I had a really bad weekend with the back pain and I finally called and made an appointment.

First off, she gave me immediate relief that would last an hour or two and it just came right back. I committed to going at least twice a week. Slowly, within three months, the pain completely resolved.

I was afraid I was going to need surgery but she helped me immensely.

She fixed me!

It’s a different type of therapy, active release therapy. It worked for me
If you are reading this, I know how you feel. Just make the call, you will not believe how much relief you will get here.

Kara R.
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I was so impressed with my visit to Dr. Dawn today. She is so obviously experienced and amazing at what she does, that I feel like I am in very good hands going to see her. I would definitely highly recommend her and I will be back!

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Heather M.
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Sometimes you have to fall in order to learn how to get back up right ?!

Dr. Dawn sure knows how to work her magic !!! I’ve undergone ART (Active Release Technique) before, but from a different practitioner. I was already a believer of the practice since it worked for me in the past. ‘ART’ gave me hope and confidence to start running again.

My left knee has been bothering me ‘on and off’ for the last year and a half or so. With all the therapy work that I’ve gone through, I believe both ‘ART’ and biomechanical rehabilitation have helped the BEST.

I met Dr. Dawn through my running group. She offered a ‘free’ consultation and I was not pressured to sign-up with her before, during, or after. She left it all up to me to decide and commit on my own time and convenience. Since my only concern was the cost and my insurance can only cover so much, I had to seriously decide on which practitioner would be the best fit for me (both short and long term).

After my initial consultation, I must say my knee hasn’t felt this pain-free (knock on wood) in awhiiiiile ! Uphills/downhills used to be a problem, but lately it hasn’t been bothering me. Yay ! The uncomfortable sharp pain seemed to magically disappear.

How could that be after just one session ?

She worked on my leg muscles emphasizing on my hamstrings and areas of tightness. It sure was painful and at times I thought I’d end up with bruises from all the applied pressure. A few rotations here and there and she wanted to see me run before and after to feel the difference. She suggested a few tweaks in my form and landing as well. Wow ! What a difference ! Running felt almost effortless. That’s a PLUS, especially for long distance runners such as myself.

Dr. Dawn also has a SD Meetup group that consists of group runs and meetings regarding sports injury prevention and proper running techniques. Her practice is close to home and meetups are sometimes scheduled in and around my area as well.

Dr. Dawn really seems to care about her work and the well-being of her clients. She has educated me and continues to do so. I feel confident that her expertise and guidance will help me through a pain-free active lifestyle.

Dr. Dawn also specializes in chiropractic, acupuncture, and various sports injuries. Check her website and make an appointment. Highly recommend her !

Shane C.
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