Laurie Weber, CMT

laurie weber massage therapistLaurie Weber provides all styles of massage and especially therapeutic massage with emphasis on soft tissue treatment and healing, Laurie is an expert in using massage therapy as a means to achieve healing from pain and injuries. She is also an experienced certified practitioner in Active Release Techniques/Therapy (ART). Furthermore, Laurie is a certified expert in Therapeutic Stretching and Flexibility Training.

Armed with 1) Massage Therapy, 2) Active Release Techniques and 3) Therapeutic Stretching, Laurie is not only an expert in providing any of the 3 treatment modalities individually, but also a greatly effective clinician who resolves pain and injuries using all 3 disciplines in the most efficient manner available.

Laurie began her health career in 2001 with fitness training, coaching athletes, and racing Ironman triathlons. It was during this time she experienced the positive impact ART and bodywork had on her, as well as on her coaching clients’ recovery. Her true transformational journey started following her own back injury as a dedicated ironman triathlete. Experiencing amazing recovery via massage therapy, Active Release Techniques (ART) and Acupuncture, Laurie decided to dive deep into massage therapy, ART and therapeutic stretching herself to become an expert in all 2 disciplines. As a result, her clients are able to take advantage of her in-depth training and tremendous amount of experiences in all 3 fields.

As simple as Laurie puts it, she wants to help her clients to achieve QUICK RECOVERY, to effectively PREVENT INJURY, and to RELIEVE STRESS of everyday life.

Laurie is very happy to move back to San Diego, thanks to the US Navy. She and her family love getting into nature, and she especially enjoys SUP, scuba diving, crossfit, hiking, and exploring San Diego in every active way possible.

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