Knee Pain Treatment in Solana Beach
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Shoulder & Knee Pain TreatmentKnee Pain Treatment in Solana Beach, CA: Dr. Dawn Liu and her expert team of medical professionals will consult for the underlying cause of knee pain. Chiropractic care is non-invasive and a recommended conservative treatment plan to avoid surgery.

Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Knee Function while Eliminating Pain

Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis in the knee, is caused by the gradual degradation of the cartilage in the joint. A deformity can lead to arthritis in the knee, but obesity, excess weight or repetitive stress injuries from sports are more often the culprits. Symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness or locking joints.

The knee is a joint that relies heavily on ligaments and muscles for stability. When pain is perceived as coming from the knee, all the anatomical components need to be examined. In addition to the knee joint, the low back, pelvis, hip, ankle and foot need to be evaluated due to the direct influence they have on the knee and vice versa.

Knee Pain at our Solana Beach Chiropractic Clinic

Each patient that visits our facility is unique. Therefore, the course of treatment recommended by Dr. Liu and her staff will vary from patient to patient. Most commonly, Dr. Liu will utilize specific chiropractic manipulation techniques combined with ART® or other non-invasive treatment modalities to areas of restricted movement in the knee and surrounding joints. These treatments can increase movement, improve function and reduce pain.

Inflammation is also reduced with ice, and a customized rehabilitation and exercise program will be provided by our staff. This individualized program will include rehabilitative exercises to complete at our facility as well as at the patient’s place of residence.

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